Food payment machines Dlouhe Vidle

Production of food payment machines – standing MiniCashWide and wall-hanging Wall models for selling meals in Dlouhé Vidle to their clients. The cash machine accepts all banknote and coin denominations according to the settings. It returns selected coin denominations. The vending machines include payment terminals with receipt printers. The process of choosing meals is the same on cash and cashless vending machine. The customer chooses the dishes he likes and puts them in the basket. He chooses to pay in cash or by credit card. After paying, he receives a confirmation of payment with the generated order number, which is also displayed on the large display at the food issue box. The order number is also sent to the kitchen, where it waits in line. The kitchen is equipped with a terminal, one can confirm that the ordered food is ready and can be placed in a specific box. The heart of the machine is the CashMachine2 payment application with a branded frontend.

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