Payment machine – parameters

    • Steel cabinet – One or two-layer design
    • Acceptance of all CZK and Euro denominations (banknotes/coins)


  • Dispatch of banknotes of 2-5 trays (optionally)
  • Acceptance of bank cards EC/MC, VISA (optionally)
  • Acceptance customs cards – chip/RFID (optionally)
  • Reader barcode/QR code (optionally)
  • Touchscreen 19“
  • The thermal printer of receipt and documents
  • Managing PC – platform Intel i7, OS Windows 7 PosReady or Windows 10 IoT
  • Backup power 800VA


Payment machine – use

Self-service cash machine for cash receipt and cash, cash changeover and non-cash payments. The pay-machine is suitable for capacity to a larger daily volume of transactions. Ideal for use in office buildings, offices, shopping centres, wholesalers, car showrooms, to pay fees and services in any area.

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