Self-service smart lockers

Machine and lockers configuration

  • Touch monitor 22“ 9:16
  • Control PC – Intel i5 platform, Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 64bit operating system
  • QR / BCR reader


  • Indoor / outdoor design, height 2100 mm without base
  • Optional spacing of shelves (62.5 mm step, smallest height 125 mm)
  • Any number of shelves (depth approx. 40 or 60 cm)
  • Acceptance of bank cards EC / MC, VISA – bank terminal
  • Thermal receipt printer
  • Programmer + RFID card dispenser
  • Scanner of identity documents
  • Switching module for hw control and sensor reading
  • Switch

Use of a smart box

Self-service smart boxes are used for storing and picking up items. In connection with payment machines, they can be used for payment and delivery of goods.

With the use of restaurant software and with the function of cooling or heating, it can also be used for gastro establishments, fast foods, food chains, etc.

Smart boxes are suitable with CZECH KIOSK self-service reception software for express check-in and check-out not only for hotels, office buildings, car rentals or car repair shops.

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