Interactive kiosk

We offer information kiosks of own and serial production for the public and industrial use. Kiosks are mostly designed to work in 24/7 mode. The purpose is broad – from presentation and information to access, navigation or educational to any particular use – such as automated reception, photo kiosks, video conferencing etc.

We supply kiosks with a wide range of peripherals and accessories. The price is just the periphery, especially the display and the PC. We will be happy to advise you on choosing the most suitable kiosk. In addition to the number of kiosks, you need to choose the information kiosk:

  • type/purpose/location of kiosks
    • use – indoor or outdoor
    • type – self-stand, hanging, on a table, to a wall, other specification location
    • secure kiosk, antivandal performance
    • appearance and colour (bcolor of RAL)
  • interaction and control – touch screen, entrance periphery
  • Entrance functionalization – scan, reader cards, accept money,…
  • entrance functionalization – printer, card issuer, money, sound,…
  • requirements to SLA, monitoring and hotline, development,…

The entrance periphery of information kiosk and self-service machines can be, for example:

  • keyboard / TrackBall / TouchPad
  • scanner / barcode scanner
  • magnetic and chip card reader
  • programmable chip cards
  • Bank periphery – validators, dispensers, coins,…
  • camera
  • bio scanner/fingerprint reader

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