Self-service payment machines

We develop our own MultiCash, MiniCash and Wall self-service payment machines. We also produce custom payment machines that can entirely replace cashier staff – receive the cash payment for cash/cash, return some money, archive transaction information and print confirmation. With the use of smart lockers and self-service reception software is extended to include check-in, check-out, unlock doors etc.

The use of self-service vending machines offered in places with the choice of any fees (parking, hospitals, hotels, state administration, gaming, warehouses) or fines and other financial transactions. Payment machines can accept various customer or loyalty cards. We also offer a solution for issuing loyalty cards or access cards, including programming NFC information (suitable for example for hypermarkets, self-service boarding houses, etc.).

Self-service payment machines are constructed for nonstop service (24/7). They can be fitted with certified safes, security locks, and other types of security. This is also a prerequisite for places where it is not payable at night to pay for an operator (for example a petrol station) or where it is undesirable for workers to come in contact with cash.

The heart of self-service payment machine is payment software. This enables customers to control their payments through touchscreens, or buttons or pay-as-you-go keyboard. The payment software can be tailor-made and implemented by any information system.

Custom production with automation of payment processes


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