PRE – solution for interactive shop windows

Collaboration on technical design of interactive shop window in order to rebrand the Center for Energy Advisory. Digital agency CZECH MULTIMEDIA INTERACTIVE has developed a solution concept including mascots and billboards. We participated in the solution of interactive flooring and floor projections. The idea of an interactive shop window was built on a computer projection responding to people passing by with the possibility of recognising whether people are closer or further from the shop window and how many people there are. It also estimates what gender they are, how old they are or in what mood they are in (based on their smile).

Pražská energetika a.s.

Pražská energetika group (PRE), located in Prague, is the third biggest energy provider in Czech Republic with almost 1400 employees. Each year it delivers their customers about 6.2 TWh of electricity and it has annual turnaround of CZK 16.7 billions (2007).

Goal of PRE Group is to raise satisfaction of its customers, shareholders and employees by providing reliable supply of energy and other services.

CZECH KIOSK s.r.o., V Olšinách 2300/75, 100 00 Praha 10,, +420 222 764 624