Hotel Entrance Management

To access the indoor self-service reception, it is necessary to cross the entrance door of the hotel. As a rule, they are equipped with a hotel card reader and a keyboard for entering the access PIN. Optionally, the input panel can be equipped with other peripherals such as audio-video communication equipment, BAR / QR scanner, bell, etc. The access components of the entrance panel either contain their own database of PINs and a manageable communication interface, in which case they decide to enter the hotel, or they do not contain a database and interface, and they and the entrance are managed by a kiosk or miniPC.

The PIN is issued by hotel staff or a smart hotel robot. The PIN is valid for the duration of the guest’s reservation at the hotel (check-in – check-out day). The PIN can be generated independently in the hotel management system or in the kiosk, not only for guests, but for anyone. Accesses through the input panel are logged.

Using the hotel management system, it is possible to control multiple input panels, which do not have to be in one hotel / address, but anywhere in the world. The maximum capacity of functional PINs at one time is usually 10,000 pcs per device. We will be happy to present the design and connection options of the input panel to you. We like to work with 2N products.

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