Self-service check-in and check-out for hotels

We have developed a contactless solution for hotels, boarding houses and buildings with receptions. It includes self-service check-in, check-out, issuance of a spare key and the function of a smart hotel. The product works as a fully independent or partially self-service reception for hotel guests. The delivery includes hardware, software, installation, regular prophylaxis, updates, monitoring and supervision of solutions. The most commonly used self-service machine for unattended receptions is the MiniCashSlim model. We also offer the installation of hardware peripherals in the furniture or in the built-in reception. Smart lockers can also be part of the self-service hotel reception. The management function remains with the hotel reservation system (PMS). Any 3rd party system can be integrated into the self-service solution.

Basic information about the self-service reception CZECH KIOSK in PDF

How does self-service check-in at the hotel work?

The beginning is the same – the guest creates a reservation (in any way – in person, by e-mail, by phone, through online booking, web, mobile application or at the kiosk, etc.). The reservation is created in the PMS and the guest is assigned a room. The reservation of a guest, for one or more rooms, can then be processed by a self-service reception.

In the case of integration of smart functions, the CZECH KIOSK robot, cloud or intranet design, identifies a new reservation and processes it according to the set preferences (creates it in the appropriate systems, generates accesses, etc.). The robot notifies the guest by e-mail or SMS or by uploading information to its mobile application. Part of the reservation processing and notification is optionally the generation of:

  • QR code for quick check-in at the kiosk, optionally for access to the hotel,
  • access PIN for guest entry into the hotel,
  • login link for online check-in of the guest before arrival at the hotel, optionally ending with the issuance of a mobile key and access to settings and functions for the smart hotel

How check-in is from the guest’s point of view

  1. The guest arrives at the hotel and overcomes the front door (enters the access PIN, uses the QR code or the hotel staff opens it)Confirm their reservation / check-in on self-service machine
    (using the data obtained during booking)
  2. He selects check-in on the self-service machine, selects the language and logs in to his reservation (using the data entered during the reservation – acceptance / reservation number or uses a smart QR code)
  3. Fills in the data required by the hotel, purpose of stay, scans identity documents and confirms agreement with the hotel / GDPR conditions (data filled in in the online check-in is no longer filled in)
  4. Make a payment by card or in cash according to the kiosk model (if you have already paid in advance, payment is not required, optionally a deposit / pre-authorization of the amount specified by the hotel is required)
  5. The kiosk prints receipts for payments and provides information about the reservation and the room number (optionally in the form of a contract including signatures, the invoice is optionally sent by e-mail with completed billing information)
  6. The guest will receive a hotel card for the rooms in the reservation (number of cards according to the hotel settings, optionally a mobile key is issued)
  7. The kiosk enters check-in information into hotel systems (including the creation of a guest accommodation card, sends a notification, access to the hotel’s smart features, etc.)

How check-out is from the guest’s point of view

  1. The guest selects the “Check-out” button on the self-service reception screen and selects the language version
  2. Logs in as same as in case of check-in
  3. Upon request, the guest will return his hotel cards (the loss of hotel cards can be charged to the guest’s account)
  4. The guest will optionally pay for consumption / minibar (according to the hotel settings for the whole stay or the last day)
  5. The guest pays the bill according to PMS (accommodation, lost cards, minibar, services charged to the room, etc.), takes a receipt for payment and may leave 🙂

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