Self-service check-in and check-out for hotels

We have developed solutions for hotels and guesthouses – self-service check-in and check-out. The product works as a stand-alone or associated self-service reception for hotel guests. The only condition for using our solution is the existence of compatible door locks (Onity, Salto, Assa Abloy, eRozeta..). We will provide you with the primary reservation system or link our solution to your PMS (for example, Previo, HotelTime, Opera, Cloudbeds, ..).

How check-in is from the guest’s point of view

  1. Guests will create their reservation and arrive at the hotel
    (optionally the system also solves the entry behind the entrance door of the self-service hotel or the creation of a reservation on site)
  2. Confirm their reservation / check-in on self-service machine
    (using the data obtained during booking)
  3. Make a cash payment or with credit card
    (if the guest has not paid for the reservation, the composition of the deposit can also be solved)
  4. Print receipt, ERS and hotel passport
    (optional contract including guest signature)
  5. Receives a programmed key/RFID card to their room
    (the card is immediately functional and guests could come to hotel)
  6. Machine will check the hotel’s check-in information
    (Including the number of cards issued, their identification, etc.)

How check-out is from the guest’s point of view

  1. Guest choose on-screen button “Check-out.”
  2. Log in as same as in case check-in
    (for example by using your email and reservation number)
  3. Upon request, he returns his hotel cards
    (the loss can be charged and transferred to the billing service)
  4. It will pay the resulting amount if the hotel reservation system is required
    (anything that is part of the final bill can be paid)
  5. Removes a receipt for a payment
    (kiosk print receipt including ERS)
  6. Kiosk writes the result “Check-out” to the reservation system
    (for example, info about refunded cards, about payment, about the time of the guest’s departure)

Using functions “Lost key”

  1. Guest choose “Lost key”
  2. Log in as same as in case “check-in”
    (for example by using your email and reservation number)
  3. Make a payment for lost key
  4. Take the receipt if they made the payment
  5. Take key card or cards
  6. Kiosk writes information about the operation back to the hotel reservation system

Expand services for Self Service hotels

Automatic check-in on kiosk it could to expand on related services (sales of goods, transport orders, wellness, …). If your PMS currently does not allow automated connection to hotel machines, we will provide you with our online interface. Another option is for hotel cards or keys to allow guests to unlock the door for a mobile device to which an access password is used to enable mobile devices (smartphones/tablets) to be used as hotel keys during their stay at the hotel. To do this, you need to upload the application to your mobile device. If the phone is exhausted, it is still possible unlock the door with the key.

We also offer self-service entrance custom-made hotel panels.

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