JEZ&SPI SUŠICE self-service reception

Self-service hotel reception MiniCashSlim for JEZ&SPI Sušice hotel provides express check-in and check-out and access to the hotel via pin code. Non-accommodated guests receive their pin code before arrival at the hotel. The pin code is entered on the keyboard at the entrance to the hotel. Accommodated guests use the room card in the same place.

Guests log in to their reservation (by QR code or enter the reservation number), fill in the required information, make an electronic signature and agree to the hotel’s conditions. If required by the PMS, guests will pay and receive a confirmation and a card for the room.

The MiniCashSlim payment machine provides hotel customers with reception services in connection with the Previo PMS, a bank, the Onity lock system, industrial hardware and a cloud monitoring system. The hotel’s MiniCashSlim provides 24/7 service.

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