Self-service reception MiniCashSlim Opitz House Prague

Self-service hotel reception MiniCashSlim for Opitz House of the Charles University in the center of Prague. The machine provides express check-in and check-out. It is equipped with a payment terminal, printer, QR code scanner, ID scanner, issuer and encoder of hotel cards and other peripherals.

Guests log in to their reservation with a QR code or reservation number and surname, fill in the required data, make an electronic signature and agree to the hotel’s conditions. They make the payment, receive a receipt and a card for the room. Accommodated guests have access to the hotel by attaching a hotel card to the lock system reader at the front door. Non-accomodated guests are allowed access after entering the pin on the keyboard. The pin allowas an automated entry system that generates and sends a PIN to the guest at a defined time before his arrival and removes the pin after the guest checks out. Each reservation has its own pin. PINs are sent via e-mail and SMS.

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