Smart Hotel and online pre-checkin

Pre-checkin / online check-in before arrival to hotel

Smart hotels allow their visitors to check in before or during their trip to the hotel. After making a reservation (in any way), the guest will receive a link to the hotel’s online check-in or the hotel’s mobile check-in application. The guest is identified by the reservation number and surname. The guest fills in the required information and agrees with the hotel conditions. It will be signed on the screen.

After filling in the relevant data of all guests in the reservation, The proces online check-in forwards the payment order to the PMS or to the integrated payment gateway (eg Pays). After payment, the guest is redirected to a thank you page with a link to download the “lock” application, if the hotel has locks for rooms that can be opened by the guest’s mobile device.

The smart hotel solution allows guests to easily book hotel services. The receptionist provides the opportunity to manage guest requests, arrange payment lines for the required services and monitor current reports on what is happening at the hotel. In addition to overviews and statistics fo management, the solution also offers settings for escalation processes. The smart hotel can be connected to a building management system to manage the temperature in the rooms and set and monitor many other events.

Mobile key to the guest’s room

The online check-in application ensures the generation of the guest’s mobile key, which will be functional during the reservation (check-in to check-out). To use the mobile key, the guest needs to have a functional application installed on their mobile device with a registered e-mail / phone number provided to the main guest as part of the online check-in process. It is also possible to issue a mobile key manually in the control system by hotel staff.

We still recommend using hotel keys / cards, as not every guest has a mobile phone and if the guest’s device runs out of power, they can still unlock the room with the key. The guest can display it at any time at the self-service reception at the same time as verifying the identity documents.

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