Built-in reception hotel Moninec

Our concept of a built-in self-service reception for the wellness hotel Monínec. The fully equipped hotel vending machine placed in the furniture provides check-in, check-out, lost key and other functions. The entrance to the hotel is controlled by a 2N keyboard and a lock card reader.

Hořovice Hospital vending machine for collecting fees

The WallCash machine for the Hořovice Hospital provides for the collection of fees for emergency charges and the sale of protective equipment. Accepts and returns all denominations of banknotes and coins. It includes an unattended payment terminal.

Food payment machines Dlouhe Vidle

MiniCashWide and Wall payment machines for buying food – Dlouhé Vidle client. Solution for self-service processing of food orders with dispensing boxes.

MiniCashWide Auto Palace cash machine

The MiniCashWide cash machine at the Auto Palace car show accepts and returns all banknote and coin denominations. It has a self-service payment terminal, thermal printer, bar code scanner and other peripherals.

Self-service reception Yard Resort for hotel & golf

Self-service hotel & golf reception for Yard Resort (Přeboj) provides express check-in and check-out for hotel guests in combination with check-in, ordering services and payment of green fees for the golf resort.

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