Automatic key dispenser,
key dispenser box

Use of key dispenser boxes

The most common uses include any contactless sales through dispensing boxes, such as receiving and dispensing packages, handing over goods from e-shops and customer stores. In the case of delivery, the sales application generates a pin and sends it after placing the goods in the box for collection to the customer. For the submission of consignments, the online or offline service application enables the submission of a consignment by placing it in a box after the conditions have been met – order, payment, confirmation.

Today’s phenomenon is self-service check-in and check-out with the identification of visitors. Guests can create their accommodation reservations in any way and visit hotels, buildings or resorts at any time. Before or after the trip to the hotel, guests can fill in their information or pay for their reservation. They are identified on site according to the conditions of the facility or local regulations and then obtain the key to enter. In hotels, the key is inserted into the boxes after the room is cleaned by the staff, the hotel application automatically issues the keys to the guests upon their arrival. If dispensing boxes are integrated behind the entrance door of the hotel, a self-service entrance keypad is located in front of them.

Boom is also experiencing unattended receipt and issue of cars in car repair shops or car rentals, where the collection and return of keys is again controlled by a non-service application or autonomous programmable dispensing boxes, regardless of opening hours without the presence of staff.

Advantages of key dispenser boxes connected to our check-in & check-out application

  • Boxes connected to CZECH KIOSK machines provide check-in, check-out and other processes
  • Variable design of the number of key compartments or other things
  • Remote management of boxes via CZECH KIOSK cloud monitoring, API or directly from kiosks
  • Any localized notifications to 3rd party systems, to the e-mail or telephone number of the operator or customer
  • The fully automated solution ensures carefree and safe operation 24/7
  • Fast return on investment, reduced labor costs and time savings
  • Optionally, the boxes can be delivered in an autonomous design controlled via SMS (GSM)
  • Possibility of operation on a backup battery (power backup)

Samples of check-in and check-out solutions


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