Self-service reception and digitalization in the hotel industry

Digitalization in the hotel industry

We use modern technologies and digital tools to manage hotel operations more efficiently. Digitization can include, for example, contactless solutions such as self-service kiosks for check-in and check-out, contactless payments or digital keys, pins or QR codes for opening doors or when entering a hotel. Pre-check-in and online check-in solutions are also very popular, which allow guests to check in more easily and swiftly without having to install any mobile applications. A new trend is a hotel’s e-communication with guests using not only e-mails and SMS, but also through chat applications or AI solutions. As a result, quests will get a prompt response to their inquiries or requests. Hotel digitization that is well-planned can enhance the guests experience, minimize physical contact or boost efficiency and reduce costs. However, it is crucial to consistently strike a balance between guest comfort and hotel automation.

Self-service reception and contactless check-in

Our developed contactless solution provides express check-in and check-out, issuance of a spare key and the function of a smart hotel or golf self-service reception. The most commonly used self-service machine for unattended receptions is the MiniCashSlim model. We also offer the installation of hardware peripherals in the furniture or in the built-in reception.

Main features and benefits

  • Features of anti-vandal hotel machines:
    • touch monitor, usually 13″-32″,
    • powerful PC with Windows 10 enterprise,
    • payment terminal,
    • thermal printer, paper status sensor,
    • lock card dispenser and encoder,
    • guest document scanner ID,
    • QR scanner for accelerated login,
    • watchdog for remote component restart,
    • backup power supply,
    • hotel software to the agreed extent.

  • Trouble-free operation 24/7.
  • Speed up the check-in and check-out process.
  • Cost savings per employee.
  • Fast return on investment.
  • The software is certified by banks, manufacturers of PMS, lock and access systems.
  • Industrial components, remote monitoring.
  • Choice of variants: free-standing vending machine, built into the furniture.
  • Choice of color and sticker.
  • Fully unattended operation.

The product functions as a fully independent or partially self-service reception for hotel guests, which complements or represents the hotel reception. This is predestined for large hotels **** and 5 stars, where they serve as a supplement to the live reception, as well as for small hotels, guesthouses, apartments, camps or chalets. The connection with the TeeTime solution provides a comfortable reception also for golf resorts.

It all depends on the software and hardware of the hotel and the requirements for the level of unattended hotel. The concept of a fully self-service hotel should consider in the event of a failure of the backup power supply, the Internet and infrastructure, servers with key systems and a self-service machine. If such a backup is not possible, the live operator must help. Partial self-service may consist of daytime operation of the live reception and nightly self-service operation.

Hotels without electronic RFID keys do not need a hotel card issuer and encoder inside the machine. Classic keys are placed for guests in metal key boxes in the KeyBox, from where guests can pick them up after entering their PIN. The PIN must be entered in the machine and in the key box. In practice, it usually performs cleaning after the guest’s check-out. The process is simple and reliable. Mailboxes can be purchased from units of hundreds of crowns. If it is necessary to enter brochures or information for medical stays for guests, cheap safes can be used again at the price of units of hundreds of crowns.

Hotels with an incompatible PMS basically have 3 possible solutions. The first choice is to switch to a compatible PMS, eg Hores, HotelTime, MEWS, Previo, Protel. The second option is to keep the existing PMS and, if possible, arrange its implementation into the CZECH KIOSK system. The third alternative is to keep the existing PMS and use the Kiosk Basic application as a supplement for verifying reservations in the self-service machine. Hotel staff must manually enter guests into the application to arrive, or import reservations if possible.

For non-cash payments, it is necessary to sign an agreement on the acceptance of payment cards with the bank. Or you can use our online check-in and have guests pay through a trusted payment gateway before arriving at the hotel. Online check-in also provides guests with the option of issuing a mobile key to the hotel room if the hotel has bluetooth locks. Or you can use cash payments, which will increase the cost of the payment machine and cause additional operating costs.

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Samples of self-service receptions


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